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can't fight the moonlight

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Birthdate:Dec 4
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alan deaton, alias, allison argent, allison/lydia, allison/scott, allison/stiles, angel, anita blake, arrow, baking, bones, btvs, buffy crossovers, buffy the vampire slayer, charmed, chloe sullivan, chloe/bruce, chloe/dean, chloe/lex, chloe/oliver, chloe/sam, chris argent, cooking, cora hale, cora/erica, cora/lydia, criminal minds, crossovers, dark angel, dark-hunter series, dawn summers, dawn/connor, dawn/spike, derek hale, derek/stiles, dr who, dylan o'brien, elementary, erica reyes, erica/boyd, faith lehane, faith/dean, faith/sam, faith/xander, fanfiction, firefly, harry potter, harry potter crossovers, harry potter series, hermione granger, hermione/anyone, hermione/harry, hermione/remus, hermione/severus, hermione/sirius, hermione/tom riddle, hermione/voldemort, horseback riding, house, jackson whittemore, kira yukimura, laura hale, laura/lydia, leverage, lex luthor, lord of the rings, lydia martin, lydia/jackson, lydia/scott, melissa mccall, merlin, ncis, numb3rs, peter hale, reading, river tam, river/jayne, river/mal, rogue, scott mccall, serenity, sheriff stilinski, smallville, smallville crossovers, star trek 2009, stargate atlantis, stargate sg1, stiles stilinski, stiles/cora, stiles/danny, stiles/derek, stiles/jackson, stiles/peter, stiles/scott, supernatural, teen wolf, teen wolf crossovers, the dresden files, tom riddle, torchwood, true blood, tyler hoechlin, vampire diaries, vernon boyd, veronica mars, voldemort, watching movies/tv, willow rosenberg, willow/angel, willow/spike, x-men
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